Easy Cake Cookbook



75 Sinfully Simple Recipes for Bake-and-Eat Cakes The Easy Cake Cookbook is the ultimate guide for cake lovers who are big on taste―but short on time. If you’re a busy home baker or a cake-loving beginner, this cake cookbook offers friendly, fail-safe advice so you can bake fast and flavorful cakes whenever you have the craving.



The Easy Cake Cookbook gets you baking with an easy-to-follow cake-making intro, complete with supportive step-by-step advice on choosing the perfect pan, prepping your workspace, and more. Try your hand at dozens of tasty recipes―all mixed and ready to bake in the time it takes your oven to preheat.

The Easy Cake Cookbook includes:

  • Take the cake―Become an ace of cakes with this cake cookbook using easy instructions for measuring, mixing, and more.
  • Pieces of perfection―Bake 75+ mix-and-bake cakes that are delicious right out of the pan, such as coffee cakes, Bundt cakes, skillet cakes, and more.
  • Top it off―Up the wow factor of your cakes using a selection of optional but simple and scrumptious recipes for frostings, glazes, and ganache.

Sweeten up your day-to-day with delightful and delectable cakes from scratch using the Easy Cake Cookbook.