Cinema worker leaves people mortified after showing what staff can see during films

If you’ve ever smuggled in sweets, or even worse, engaged in some dodgy behaviour at the cinema, one worker’s revelations of what they can see might leave you horrified

Cinemagoers beware – staff are aware of all the naughty things you get up to while visiting the flicks.

For most of us, that boils down to sneaking in our own snacks, in a bid to stop a trip to the cinema from becoming prohibitively expensive.

But for some risk-takers, it appears that they use their time during the film for X-rated acts – which is strictly forbidden.

Now one cinema worker has gone viral after revealing how staff members can see exactly what’s going on in the theatre.

And it isn’t pretty.

TikTok user @.no1headache went viral after sharing a video where she admitted she’s constantly having to look away from the CCTV screen because of some couple’s outrageous behaviour.

Zooming in on the screen showing all the cinema rooms, she explained: “When people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty.”

The video, which has racked up more than 15 million views, is captioned: “We see everything.”

The worker explained further in the comments: “We also have night vision goggles so we’ve seen it all.”

In the comments, one user explained: “They’re for anti-piracy. Theatre hire guards for pre-screening to make sure they don’t film.

“They probably use them for internal use too.”

Viewers were left stunned – with many admitting they had no idea staff could see them eating their own food into the cinema.

One wrote: “I don’t care about that. I’m just concerned because I’ve been throwing popcorn at the back of people’s heads for fun.”

Another added: “You’re telling me the time I snuck in a large pizza they’ve been watching me eat???”

“Well this is news to me,” a third wrote. A fourth asked: “How do people not know this?”

“This is actually good to know in case of emergencies. I honestly had no idea, I thought you could get away with murder in there lol,” commented another.

One viewer joked: “The only thing I be sneaky with is my snacks and food.”