My date only bought food for himself because I had no cash, he’s no gentleman’

One woman sparked a debate on social media after describing her recent date, where she ended up hungry because her date refused to cover her after she forgot her purse

When it comes to personal relationships, it’s healthy to set expectations and boundaries.

And while the apps can be useful for helping you meet a wide range of people, it’s only when you meet in person that you know if you have a personal connection or not.

We all certain things we’re looking for from a partner – and values we want them to uphold.

They might be political or personal – with many Brits vowing to never date someone with opposing political views.

But one woman sparked a debate on social media after revealing that her date didn’t cover her meal after she forgot to bring cash – and asked if she should see him again.

In a viral TikTok, she explained in subtitles that this was their first date and that she had asked him out.

But she didn’t bring any cash, and explained: “I didn’t have money, so he only bought himself food.”

The woman, who goes by the name of @heydiberber, then showed the man enjoying his meal, while she just sat there awkwardly, with nothing in front of her.

She asked her for opinions on whether she should “Go out with him again?, and explained: “He said pay me or pay me no attention.”

And she indicated her displeasure after liking a post which said: “A gentleman won’t do you like that.”

The video racked up more than three million views, and her followers didn’t hold back, with many left divided on the topic.

One woman commented: “If he asked you out, then he should be buying. If you asked him out, it would be on you. You asking is a huge red flag.”

Another wrote: “I personally offer to pay on the first date but knowing your date came expecting a freebie…should he go out again is the question.”

“You should always have money for emergencies, what if he left you there?” asked another.